Marketing and selling software products in Poland

Our service is aimed at foreign software developers and vendors who want to get into the biggest East European, one of the most vibrant and expansive IT market there is. Poland with the highest population (about 40 million people live) offers you a huge potential for new sales.

Our company is located in Poland: Poznan and Szczecin. Poznan is in the center of Poland, and Szczecin is 10 kilometers from Germany. We have the full set up to care about English speaking vendors and we know the ethnics of the target public. Selling software to the Polish market is not just done by translating the English material. The Polish people lives and thinks differently. We are sure that polish users prefer to buy form us rather than directly from abroad.

Business areas

Currently, we have defined three business areas in which we are committed to provide our customers with best-of-breed products: tools for developers, software for system administrators and software for electronic documentation.

Current software producers

We have built solid relationships and working with:

If you have a good and valuable product, which you want to sell in Poland, you shouldn't hesitate to contact us by e-mail: info@hanze.pl